Who Are We

ETC GROUP is a Tunisian company, founded in 1987, specializing in vertically integrated jeans and casualwear garment manufacturing.

With 1.200 employees, its capacity is +/-10,000pcs per day across its multiple owned sewing lines and laundry.

In fact, the teamwork with most of the leading mills and always have a large stock of denim available for quick orders, as well as our services from many mills.

Our strategy stems from key long-term enablers and our reputation speaks for itself. We are always searching for satisfying our customers and we aim to guarantee our durability.

Our main activities are the development and manufacturing of organic, ecological, and conventional woven materials and woven items. We offer various items: Trousers, skirts, shorts, Bermuda, jumpsuit, shirt, and jacket for either adults and children, technical clothing, medical clothing, and sportswear.

Sustainable Energy

Our Vision

Our strategic vision is based on three main pillars:

We Aim to deliver the best denim products worldwide!

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